Merton Council has proposed substantial increases in car parking charges in Wimbledon and Raynes Park to cover both parking in CPZ and car parks. For diesel cars a £150 CPZ surcharge is proposed.
These increases are largely justified as supporting the Mayor's Health Inequalities strategy for London by reducing pollution and encouraging greater walking and use of public transport.
However, this does not take account of the fact that a parked car does not pollute, the impact on local shopkeepers and businesses in the centre of towns if parking is made so expensive (£4.50 per hour proposed in Wimbledon town centre car parks), the adverse impacts on those without off street parking and for residents who need to use a car to sustain their employment or those requiring access to services such as those who are disabled.  The owners of diesel cars are also heavily penalised including some new low polluting diesel cars that are accepted within the low emission zone.
The public consultation between 29 March and 5 May 2019 produced over 3000 responses and the consultation has now been extended to 18 June 2019.
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Reponses will be considered at the July 2019 Council Cabinet meeting.
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