Construction is due to start in 2020 and completion in 2033.

Community responses support the principle of Crossrail 2 but raise a number of design issues including alternative routes/tunneling, station redevelopment and impacts on town centres. TFL have agreed to a further formal consultation period this summer based on assessment of a number options for CR2 design and construction.

Stephen Hammond MP discussed local issues of CR2 at the meeting of the Raynes Park Forum in March 2016 and noted that the initial plan for CR2 in Wimbledon and Raynes Park, had huge implications for both town centres.  A new update on the particular threats and impacts on services for Raynes Park can be found here.  The proposals for Raynes Park were also still vague and not clear on the impact for areas like the Rainbow Estate. The consultation generated more than 2000 responses from Wimbledon, more than any other part of the route. This included a response from Stephen and a cross party response from Merton Council. Both these responses supported the principle of Crossrail 2 but not at the expense of viable local town centres and communities.

CR2 are being encouraged to consider further tunnelling to reduce the local impact. Another option could be to tunnel South West Trains fast line to Motspur Park which would free up space for Crossrail 2 as described here. They could also look at phasing the construction work in Wimbledon to make sure sufficient retail space was retained throughout the work.

The Wimbledon Society has also made available a detailed consideration of requirements of CR2 and a range of design options: click here.
Crossrail 2