As well as planning for a third runway, Heathrow airport has been consulting on future flight paths.
The 3rd runway at Heathrow.  This is expected to come into operation by 2026. However, Heathrow also plans more intensive use of the two existing runways from 2022 with a increase of some 250,000 planes per year which is about 700 extra planes per day.  Our area is within the 2000- 3000 foot approach envelope and will be adversely affected by the large number of additional flights following the 3rd runway.
There have been a number of consultations regarding the proposed Heathrow expansion and RAWW has been active in responding and encouraging residents to do so.  We are now awaiting the outcomes of these consultations.
Aircraft noise.  In addition to, and prior to the expansion of Heathrow, an increase in flightpaths is planned.  Many residents are already aware of planes flying much closer to our area, often directly overhead, since the spring of this year, which may reflect the testing of new flightpaths.  Changes to landing flight paths to make more intensive use of the existing two runways are formally planned to start in 2022 and it is estimated will result in 47 flights per hour over our area.
What you can do:
If you would like to register a complaint about aircraft noise you can do so by emailing  If you email we suggest you copy the email to Stephen Hammond MP at
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Heathrow and Aircraft Noise